About Us

Ojai Community Chorus has been a vital part of Ojai since it was founded in 1987. It is a true community chorus: open to any singer of any age (professional or amateur, whether able to read music or not) who is willing to commit to the group’s mission and put in the necessary work to achieve it. And that mission is to produce two shows a year (a themed performance in the spring and a holiday program in December) of the highest possible quality. Originally confined to religious/classical works, the chorus now performs a wide variety of music, both sacred and secular. A perfect example was our much-lauded Spring 2019 program, which featured a cornucopia of music from the jazz canon.

The chorus is extremely fortunate to be led by Connie Woodson, who has been our music director for the last 15 years. A gifted singer herself, she has a deep grasp of repertoire, a dogged determination to perfect our sound, the expertise to get us there, and a true talent for putting together crowd-pleasing shows. She is also part of a wide network of professional singers and musicians who can be called upon to augment the regular chorus when needed. Thanks to Connie, we believe we are as fine a small-town community chorus as one could find.

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