We all know the great benefits of doing volunteer work. And while there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in our community, we hope you will find that the Ojai Community Chorus would be a great fit for you. Below is a thumbnail sketch about what we do and the kinds of volunteer work that would be greatly appreciated.

The Chorus presents two wonderful concerts a year, entertaining audiences with a huge variety of music, from classical, to popular, and everything in between. Our concerts are always well received, with many loyal fans who never miss a concert. 
While each concert is the culmination of months of work, they are like the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What the audience doesn’t see are the people who work behind the scenes, doing the countless things that are necessary to produce a quality performance.

Chorus members take over many of these extra activities themselves, but sometimes it’s really nice to have some assistance. The Chorus could really use your help! Perhaps you could help round up simple props? Or assist with distributing fliers around town? Maybe you would enjoy being an usher. None of the duties are difficult, but all of them are important to the success of our concerts. Please know you’d be helping us immensely, and lightening our load considerably. Besides, it would be fun! We are a very congenial group, dedicated to learning beautiful and challenging music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our rehearsal months are February to mid-May and September to early December. Therefore, we are free during the summer and through the holidays.

We hope you will consider joining the Community Chorus as a volunteer. Please give Marilyn McCandless a call at 805-640-0468 for more information. You will receive our undying thanks. 



We would like to thank the generous individuals who volunteered for our Spring 2019 concert:

Overseeing the boutique and bake sale:
    Renee Callahan
    Beth Wilson
 Taking and selling tickets at the door:
    Marlene Costello
Lorraine Gage
    Darrel Wilson